Innovation in IP Communications

Sangoma products provide the foundation technology for many of world’s leading software based IP-PBXs. These include both open-source based and proprietary IP-PBX solutions. With many of our products carrying a lifetime warranty, our IP-PBX application partners count on Sangoma to provide the Telephony Interface Boards on which they build their solutions, because they know that we understand what it means to say “Because It Must Work.” The IP-PBX is often a mission critical component in a SMB or Enterprise, and Sangoma boards inside that IP-PBX are mission critical to its success.

With the recent expansion of our products to include both appliance based VoIP Gateways as well as software-based solutions, Sangoma now provides a full portfolio of products that reliably and cost-effectively support IP-PBXsolutions from just a few analog ports to those that required dozens of digital spans distributed across multiple offices.