Since its establishment in 2001, Yealink has focused on the development of high-quality VoIP products that are easy-to-install, easy-to-use, high-performance, reliable, and yet affordable. Our VoIP products are designed to exceed customers expectations by meeting their requirements and providing a pleasant and satisfactory end-user experience. Over the years, we have worked closely with our ODM/OEM partners to design and develop various products on Voice over IP technology. Based on our solid core technology, Yealink has accumulated the technical know-how of IP technology to meet the ever-evolving needs of the VoIP world...

Proven Product Quality

Yealink has been shipping VoIP phones to the worldwide market since 2002. Our product quality has been highly appreciated by our ODM/OEM partners and the end-users. Yealink has been named as one of the Best VoIP Product Manufacturers multiple times by Global Sources.

Superior R&D Capability

Yealink has approximately 52 highly qualified engineers in our R&D department, many of whom are veteran engineers and Yealink pioneers. Our engineers are the most valuable assets of the company. They are the inventors of many Yealink proprietary technologies and are constantly introducing new concepts into the VoIP world to enable Yealink to be the first to apply such technologies in our product line. In addition, our engineers are experienced in working with ODM/OEM partners to create customized products to meet the unique needs of different customers.

Top ODM/OEM Services

In order to meet the unique needs of different customers, Yealink understands the importance of being able to make modifications of existing products or redesign the same to meet our customer's requirements and specifications. Due to our vast experience in this field, we can complete such customization work in a matter of just a few weeks! By constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing practices, Yealink is capable of delivering quality-assured shipments in a timely manner to our customers.

We invite you to partner with us and join our team of talented professionals to make your business a success, and to let us help you meet the specific needs of your customers. Our success is based on the success of our partners and customers. We will gladly work with you to create a win-win solution so that your customers can fully enjoy high quality products at an affordable price. We welcome you to visit or contact us through the contact information below. Our motto: SUCCESS through SERVICE!