Server Solution

Servers and Storage

Today's definition of storage encompasses a vast array of hardware, software, and services. BEN FZE has deep expertise in all aspects of storage-related technologies, namely Unified Storage, Data Protection, Monitoring & Management, and Email & File Archiving.

Unified Storage

Consolidate all data into one easy-to-manage and easy-to-grow unified storage system, leveraging capacity consolidation and unification of protocols.

Data Protection

Transition to virtualization, and implement technologies like point-in-time snapshot, disk-to-disk replication, and advanced de-duplication, all of which reduce backup time and improve recovery while cutting infrastructure and administrative costs.

Monitoring & Management

Operationally advance virtualization, assure performance of business critical virtualized applications, and meet your organization's storage needs.

Email & File Archiving

Store information from messaging, file servers and collaborative systems, using powerful storage optimization, classification and retention technologies. We'll make complex storage simpler.