Unified Solution

Unified Computing

Just like many organizations, your data centre is probably under intense pressure to respond quickly to the demands of your business.

Unification - along with virtualization and consolidation - not only enhances the ability and speed with which your computing environment can meet business needs – it’s also critical to reducing your operational expenditures. A next-generation data centre platform, Unified Computing integrates computing resources, network, virtualization resources and management.

Here’s how a Unified Computing solution from BEN FZE can improve your data centre:

  • 1)  Increase efficiency with centralized management
  • 2)  Dynamic and consistent policy-driven provisioning and leverage what you have with rapid migration and repurposing of existing resources
  • 3)  Lower costs with a reduced number of components
  • 4)  Streamline operations with a Unified Fabric that integrates with your existing infrastructure - both SAN and LAN
  • 5)  Improve performance through enhanced virtualization adapters Minimize hardware expenditures by increasing virtualization density with extended memory technology

BEN FZE has extensive experience in architecting, installing and supporting Unified Computing environments. Talk to our expert today on how to improve business agility and reduce operating expenditures